Kim Penney

Property Developer

I joined Forever in April 2009. I saw the potential of the business after having remarkable success with one of the Forever products. With a vision for this new “Forever” business to become my career and main income stream, I set out to build a team of like-minded people who wanted a flexible, happy and healthy lifestyle and GLG was born. I am pleased to say I have achieved  everything Forever has to offer and a whole lot more including lasting friendships and amazing personal development. 

– Joined Forever in 2009

Ginny Harrop

PR Consultant

Since joining Forever I have realised achievements and goals that I didn’t think I was capable of! I have achieved an income from Forever that has enabled me to have more choices – in the way we live, travel, spend time with our family and friends. 

I have travelled around the globe – all expenses paid with Forever, and taken my family and friends with me too. Forever has given me incredible experiences and taken me beyond my bucket lists!

– Joined Forever in 2010

Jem Hills

Ex Military and Maritime Security Expert

“I became part of GLG in 2009. I was so amazed when after only a few months of working this business the income I was generating was double that of my military pension which had taken me 24 years to earn!”

– Joined Forever in 2009

Sarah Devlin

Co-Owner Property Maintenance Company

“Joining GLG allowed me to create additional income alongside my already busy life of helping my husband in the business, looking after our two boys and having a horse in full time work. It quickly enabled me to fund my horse’s livery and riding and pay for my boys to be privately educated. Something I will always be grateful for.”

– Joined Forever in 2010

Sushma Bragg

Pensions Administrator

“I came across the Forever Products at a craft fair and as I have always loved the aloe plant for its natural healing properties I was very eager to find out more! What appealed to me was the weight management and I decided to try the C9, a 9 day cleanse. By day 3 I was full of energy I even started going back to the gym and I have since entered Race For Life too! I can’t say enough about how it has changed my life! I am so grateful to Forever for giving me back my life so that now I can do the things I love with the people I love.”

Tristan Benjamin

RAF/Corporate Senior Engineer

“I decided to look into the Forever business opportunity following a great RAF career and then several years as a senior engineer in the corporate world. Working the long hours required was having a real impact on my health and wellbeing and I knew I needed a change. The products have really helped me get fitter and healthier. Coming from Cornwall the draw of moving back to be near the sea and my family was a real priority too. I can see that working part time alongside Forever I can develop a residual income the freedom to work flexibly, more time with family and allow me to follow my passion of travel. Most importantly, I now have a plan to develop a pension style, secure stable income that will allow me to leave the stress of the corporate business world behind. I am now in control of my health and wellbeing thanks to Forever!”

Elizabeth Ozanne


“I live and work in Guernsey, its where my husband is from. I joined Forever in 2016 when a nursing friend invited me to a Cheese and Wine evening. I met my sponsor Dawn and she explained the concept and showed me the products. I was on maternity leave. My twins were one and our eldest child was three, so I was looking for something for “me” and something that would work flexibly around the children too, as I wanted to create an extra income and still be the “mummy at home”. It ticked the boxes. I now work my Forever business alongside looking after the family and a part time nursing career. Forever has brought me more than I could ever imagine. Self-development, more confidence, being part of an inspirational team and some wonderful new friends. I am most definitely a happier, healthier more fulfilled person thanks to the life balance I’ve created working alongside Forever. ”

Helen Higgins


“My journey with Forever started 3 years ago. I was busy juggling my NHS pharmacist role, my 2 young children and managing my husband’s Physio business, so it meant I was rarely enjoying any free time and didn’t think I could fit anything else in.

My part time income covered the childcare fees with just a couple of hundred pounds to spare. I didn’t want to go back to full time work so I needed something flexible to work around busy family life which could generate a top up income for holidays, fun and savings.

I nervously got started with Forever, wondering whether this was for me as I had low self-confidence and dreaded any form of public speaking or sales.

Fast forward 11 months – I hit the Manager position on our marketing plan, which meant I didn’t have to return to the NHS full time. I now work my Forever business around the children and family business.

I’ve built up a steady customer base, who all love the products and the most amazing team which spans 4 countries. I love helping them all to achieve their goals too.

I’m more confident and happier in myself and can clearly see the financial security that Forever can give us.

There’s support at every step and we have lots of fun along the way too!! I’m just so glad I took the leap of faith and got started.

Helen Murphy


“In 2015 I was a busy mum on maternity leave with my third baby. With 3 girls under 4 I certainly wasn’t looking for a business opportunity. However, through a neighbour and good friend I fell in love with our fabulous products, so it made sense to get involved with the company, if only for the discount on my personal use! I naturally started to share the benefits of the products with others and this grew into a nice monthly income whilst on maternity leave. My business grew quickly allowing me to take a career break. I’m so grateful for this as it gave me priceless time with my daughters and allowed me to be a full time mummy for the last 3 years. I really love the flexibility, team spirit and being able to help other mums achieve what I have. Forever has given me “something for me” whilst affording me the freedom to work flexibly from home around a busy family life. ”

Jane Gordon


“I joined Forever in July 2011 when I was looking for an alternative business to supplement my pension once I retired from my physiotherapy practice. I immediately saw the potential of Forever and, whilst I looked at it initially as a replacement income to my physiotherapy business, I soon realised it enabled me to be a better physiotherapist as I can offer these remarkable products to my clients to further improve their health. The fun and friendships formed along the way have been an additional bonus. I really don’t know what my future would look like without this amazing company.”

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